Frequently asked questions

 What is the difference between a relocation agency and an estate agency?

A relocation agency is the opposite of an estate agency. It assists employees with all their relocation needs, from finding accommodation, tradespeople, schools and cultural activities to integrating spouses. A relocation agency works in exactly the opposite way to an estate agency, because we start from the needs of the future tenant and their specific requirements, and then search all possible channels (websites, estate agency networks, but also the personal networks of the owners themselves) for the right property. A relocation agency has the client portfolio; an estate agency the property portfolio, which is why we often work together, but not exclusively.

Do you receive a commission on the rental or purchase of your customers’ homes?

Unlike estate agents, we are not subject to kickbacks. Our searches are carried out on the basis of financial packages linked to the assignment; our fees are not indexed to the value of the property sought. It is even contrary to the Code of Ethics of our business activity.

Am I entitled to the Mobili-Pass?

Once we have received all your rental documents, we will examine your entitlement to this subsidy. The three main points are:

  • be an employee of a company in the non-agricultural sector with more than 10 employees
  • moving more than 70 km away
  • not to have benefited from this scheme in the last two years

But there may be other points to validate. Our close and privileged relationship with Action Logement via the SNPRM means that we are always up to date with developments in this scheme and keep the HR departments and individuals we work with informed.

Can I ask my company to use a relocation agency for me and my family?

Absolutely, there are even companies that take direct responsibility for these services

How do you get involved in other regions of France and abroad? 

As a member of the SNPRM, we can draw upon on a network covering the whole of France and even abroad. Home Move can manage support regardless of the link of departure or arrival.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of the data you receive?

Our profession is subject to the confidentiality of all documents and information required for the proper performance of our duties. We are also governed by the new GRDP digital data protection regulations. We ensure that we only transmit what is absolutely necessary and that the transmission is secure. For this reason, we do not pass on this information to third parties who are not authorised to manage sensitive data (for example, to a tenant wishing to transfer their lease; only the owner or the estate agency managing the property in question are authorised to do this).

What is the non-competition clause I have to sign?

When you work with a relocation agency, a synergy is created. We cannot compete with you or any other relocation agency. We work for you, not against you.

What links do you have with my company’s HR department?

Generally, we are mandated by your company to manage the mobility of their employees, so we have a very close relationship and can point out any obstacles or difficulties, and work together to find the solution best suited to your situation as quickly as possible. While maintaining the confidentiality of our exchanges, which are none of your company’s business, only the points that are within their remit are disclosed.

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