Help to the installation



HOME MOVE assists you in each step for to subscribe utiilities for your house before your arrival: electricity, gas, water, telephone...


School, activities

HOME MOVE helps you to find a school, to pre-register your children. We also look for sports / cultural club, religious congregation etc...



HOME MOVE selects all the professionals you may need: a family doctor, a dentist, a paediatrician, a psychiatrist, an ophthalmologist, a physiotherapist, a gynecologist and also a hairdresser, a beautician, a cleaning service ...a tradesman (plumber, electrician etc ...)



HOME MOVE accompanies you in all your administrative procedures: family allowance fund, Security System, complementary insurance, bank, insurance and so on.



HOME MOVE also assits you to find a new vehicle if needed, or in the change of your current number plate.


Furniture, household electrical appliances

HOME MOVE assists you in the rent or the purchase of furniture, household electrical appliances


In a word, HOME MOVE is by your side to facilitate your daily life and integration easier.

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